Our Impact in the Society

In Uganda, the impact is palpable, with 33,000 registered users benefiting from assistance provided to 76,000 people who posed over 100,400 questions, receiving informative responses.

Additionally, over 5,000 individuals have been referred to lawyers for tailored legal support. This has not only streamlined access to justice but also generated employment opportunities, benefiting over 21 individuals, including refugees.

JusticeBot’s AI chatbots act as touchpoints connecting the public with legal information and credible experts, accessible 24/7 via websites, Facebook, and Messenger channels. The simplified language employed makes legal information understandable to a wider audience, breaking down barriers to legal understanding.

The far-reaching impact extends to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where over 5,000 users have registered, and 20,000 individuals have accessed justice through the platform.

Collectively, JusticeBot has directly resolved more than 50,000 legal issues across various domains. This has promoted peace within families, empowered women and children, and raised awareness among landowners.

By addressing these challenges, JusticeBot not only empowers legal professionals to thrive in the digital age but also enhances trust in the justice system, reduces losses, and improves the lives of lawyers and the general public alike.

The innovative integration of various stakeholders, including lawyers and the public, enhances its adoption, fostering a collaborative approach that complements legal professionals’ work rather than replacing them. Survey results affirm the strong interest among law firms and lawyers in adopting this technology, underscoring its perceived value and readiness for digital transformation.

Ultimately, JusticeBot’s vision is to build a community of informed individuals who understand the law and their rights, transcending online and offline boundaries, and empowering refugees and the general public against losses of property, income, and even life.

In e-commerce, we have 171 businesses that we have empowered with digital tools over the years.