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Lowena Asasira - Legal Advisor

Our Vision

Automation for effective and efficient access to delivery of service by everyone

Our Mission

Enable digital transformation by providing expertise, ai/voice powered chatbots and other digital solutions  to address pressing social issues


meet our Team Members

Business Manager

Charmante Kasitu

Business Manager
Co-founder & CTO

Chadrack Ruhara

Co-founder & CTO
IT Admin

Lysa Binja

IT Admin
Chief Marketing Officer

Jonan Katende

Chief Marketing Officer
Creative director

Zig kapingiri

Creative director
Software developer

Genevieve Lubungyo

Software developer
Legal Advisor

Lowena Asasira

Legal Advisor
IT Assistant

Deborah Berry

IT Assistant

why Choose Us

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We believe leading means serving others with humility, respect, and care. We work with true servants who prioritize collaboration and mutual support, and reject those who prioritize personal gain.

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Divide up the work, Ask for help, Work out loud, Share a prototype, Build in the review process, Rally to a common goal,Celebrate together.

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We do not know everything if we believe we know everything
we are ignorant of. We keep learning and we know the only remedy to not knowing is to learn. We love learning.

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Honesty, Consistency, strong moral and ethical principles.

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We do not ask can we make it happen ?  We ask how can we make it happen?

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It keeps us up and calls to be better than yesterday.

attended Events


  • Uganda-Rwanda Business Forum
  • Africa Law Tech Festival
  • Internet Governance Forum East Africa
  • Launch of the LegalTech project and first African Journal of Legal Issues on Technology and Innovation at IUEA
  • Deep learning Indaba Uganda Hackathon
  • Future Lawyer Week at the Innovation Village
  • Jenga Haki Festival by HiiL East Africa


  • Global legal hackathon
  • Africa Tech Law conference
  • Global Social Business Summit


  • Social innovators boot camp
  • NTF IV entrepreneurship conference


  • Kampala innovation week
  • Creative hackathon


  • World legal summit.
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